Packaging and warehousing

As one of the important branches of logistics, packaging can resist the impact of vibration, loading and unloading, impact, friction and other reasons during the storage and transportation of goods.

The damage to the goods, at the same time, through the packaging, the damage to the packaging caused during transportation can be remedied to prevent the packaging and the goods from entering.

Intensify the damage in one step to achieve the purpose of delivering the goods in good condition; our company has realized that the package

The importance of packaging, through the summary of experience in operation, the introduction of successful packaging experience of advanced logistics companies at home and abroad, and formulate effective

The packaging operation plan of the company has been implemented in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other regions.

Service type:

Various types of carton packaging services;

Textile bag packaging services; small plastic packaging services;

Selfmade wooden box packaging service; Cage packaging service; Shelf aNd pallet packaging service;



Train transportation

The express postal train with a speed of 160 km/h is a railway freight train of China Express, which runs at the level of direct express passenger trains.

Mainly provide direct express service for high value-added products, improve product life cycle and speed up capital flow for customers. Reprimanded in 2004 Capital obtained the right to operate the line and postal transportation. Luggage and parcel trains and Wuding and container trains are our company’s Multi-level service functions provided by cargo customers.


Air freight

Handle all kinds of air transportation of goods, including centralized consignment, door-to -door transportation, etc.; provide multimodal transportation such as air, land and air transportation;

Handle goods pickup, delivery, customs declaration, customs clearance and storage services on behalf of customers; undertake one-stop transportation services for documents, samples, and small items.


Sea transportation

The Ministry of Internal Trade and Water Transport is directly managed by the group, which has jurisdiction over eight branches of Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jinhua, and Ningbo.

Jointly operated by the company. Business scope: domestic shipping, river transportation, multimodal transportation. And close cooperation with many domestic Jiangyun and shipping companies

It operates container liner transportation, large-scale project transportation, large-scale transportation, bulk cargo transportation, hazardous chemical transportation,

Warehousing services, distribution services, ship agency, container management, etc. The routes cover the Yangtze River trunk lines and tributaries, the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal and the Sea ports.

At the same time, it provides transportation services along the coast and branch lines within the Yangtze River. Including door-to-door, door-to-port, port-to-port, and port-to-door services. Relying on the group

The strong strength and the distribution of outlets all over the country have the advantages of providing customers with all-round logistics services!


Truck transportation

Develop automobile transportation services and make full use of various types of transportation vehicles to provide customers with comprehensive and flexible trunk transportation services. Provide linkage services for regional chain, door-to-door, special and professional customers.

We promise: "Deliver on time without delay"

No matter when and where, no matter the difficulties and obstacles, we will be delivered on time, rain or shine.

We provide: "Quality Guarantee and Comprehensive Service"

No matter what logistics service you need, all you need to do is to think of us.

We insist: "Unremitting efforts to pursue extraordinary"

There is no end to the road ahead. We will unite and cooperate with each other to create a far-reaching Shinkansen with better service for you.

Provide the circulation of scattered goods between cities in various regions of the country, and provide fast-circulating shuttle services with fixed points, fixed times, and fixed routes; connection

The group network becomes a shuttle bus line, and at the same time, it further connects each line to build a comprehensive logistics network; better provide customers with seamless and convenient supply chain service solutions.


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