about us Snowfinch was established in January 2020 and cooperated with Shanghai Shipping Company to expand freight forwarding business. After years of honest management, Shanghai Shipping Company has established extensive business cooperation relationships with 142 countries and regions around the world, and has made important contributions to China's reform and opening up and the development of China's electronics industry. As of the end of 2009, Shanghai Shipping Company's total assets reached 14.256 billion yuan, and sales revenue was 14.245 billion yuan. Its business scope covers international trade, overseas engineering, defense electronics, shipping business, bidding business, exhibition advertising, modern logistics and other fields.

core value Be human, do things, do business; operate at low profit, win by quality and quantity Provide customers with high-quality, convenient, safe and efficient logistics services Think what customers think, be anxious about what customers need, help customers need them, make customers satisfied

Snowfinch Logistics
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