Truck transportation

Make full use of various transportation vehicles to provide customers with comprehensive and flexible trunk transportation services.

Provide linkage services for regional chains

and customers.

Sea transportation

Close cooperation with many domestic river transportation and shipping companies, operating coastal and Yangtze River internal trade container liner transportation, and large-scale project transportation

Air freight

Provide multimodal transportation such as air, land and air transportation; Handle goods pickup, delivery, customs declaration, customs clearance and storage services on behalf of customers

Train transportation

The express postal train with a speed of 160 km/h is the fastest railway freight train in China Operate according to the level of express passenger train

Become the benchmark of the world's freight transportation marketing industry

Intercity shuttle bus, container


Scheduled, fixed point, stable departure; Can be unloaded midway, strong flexibility Implement the full "one-stop" fixed-time and cross-regional direct express service; A new type of "cargo shuttle"

Provide transportation services along the coast and branch lines within the Yangtze River

Including door-to-door, door-to-port, port-to-port, and port-to-door services, relying on the strong strength of the group and the distribution of outlets throughout the country, it has the advantages of providing customers with all-round logistics services!

Domestic shipping, river transportation, multimodal transportation

Shinkansen-city delivery

Extension of main railway business; deep urban distribution; Flexible transportation and short-distance distribution; Provide customers with door-to-door and desk service.

Better provide customers with seamless and convenient supply chain service solutions

Our advantage
Professional Advantage With professional, customized, high-end and intelligent distribution management capabilities.
Market Resource Advantage Transportation products and modes with multi-temperature control combined transportation and distribution capabilities and alienated services.
Team Advantage Have a highly competitive and professional operation team.


High-quality line resources


Fast intra-city delivery


Intimate agency service


Reassured full monitoring of the waybill


Worry-free insurance and financial services

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